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    Patty Plus Carpet Cleaning Technicians

    As you can see on the pictures our local carpet cleaning specialists can help you with your carpet maintenance in the most professional way.

    All aspects of Carpet care in one place !

    At Patty Plus we are using a wide range of professional cleaning method to achieve the best results. So no matter if you are looking for Steam Cleaning – as you heard that the best method, Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Method- as that was recommended by your carpet fitter or Zero Time Cleaning Method – as you don’t want to wait too long to access your home back.

    Whichever cleaning method will suit you best

    Our Local Carpet Cleaning Expert will deliver the highest quality and the biggest chance to clean or rescue your carpet. After many years in the industry, we heard not once that “previous cleaner couldn’t clean that before”.  We are those ones which can access where others can’t and clean what they couldn’t in 90% of regular cases.

    Carpet Cleaning Additional Services

    The only carpet cleaning service is only of the whole range of carpet care related services. To bring your carpet to the right standard we have to place the serval stage procedure. Platty Plus Services Ltd experts will, first of all, diagnose your carpet condition. Because it is so important to identify and test your carpet, to ensure we can offer the safest cleaning process to achieve maximum results.

    To do so, Patty Plus Services Ltd technician has to offer additional services and the most popular advanced services we have described for you. The choice is always yours.


    All additional services are charged and estimated individually. Our estimates are related to the type of service size and difficulty level. We know that not only advanced machinery and professional tools can guarantee success, but also experienced and qualified member of Patty Plus Services Ltd team.


    New carpet in your hose it can be a grate investment and in some cases can cost a lot. Why would you not protect it even before anything will happened. We can provide this service with our without Deep Cleaning Service. Check our prices in FAQ & Prices section.

    carpet upholstery stain protection


    There is many reasons of this service. In most cases is related not only to Carpet Cleaning Service but to whole property related issues. One of the example can be moving to flat or building witch was infected by bacterial, fungi etc. Read more…

    dour removal services domestic carpet cleaning


    It may happen to all of us. This can be small family party or just quiet evening with glass of wine. But when it is happen can cause not a small headache. You can try few tricks to get rid of it, but in 99% cases you will end up with stain on your carpet. So why don’t You call us ?

    carpet protection stains removal



    …When You can see on you own eyes !
    Before and After experience.

    All aspects of Upholstery cleaning in one place !

    At Patty Plus we are using wide range of cleaning method to achieved the best results. All those method are carefully matched with your furniture fabric. Without special knowledge your new or old sofa, bad, armchair can be destroyed is seconds. That is why our staff is taking extra care to identify type of fabric and cleaning method.

    In all above cases we will deliver the highest quality of our cleaning. After many years in industry we heard not once that “previous cleaner couldn’t clean that before”.  We are those one which can access where others can’t and clean what they couldn’t in 90% of regular cases.

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