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Fogging is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to sanitize and disinfect your workplace.

Decontamination by Patty Plus Services !

We can kill SARS-CoV-19 for sure.

Fogging is one of the methods to deeply disinfect most of the hard to reach surfaces by hand. However is it not enough to be provided a single service. At Patty Plus Services Ltd. we will make sure all steps are provided to guarantee maximum protection for you and your staff.

Full Service will require more than just a fogging – as we said. Is a complicated process which has to be provided in full protection. Bio-hazard waste carrying, Hospital Grade Cleaning and Soft Furniture & Carpet Cleaning (Disinfection) can complete this process at once. All of that is provided by Patty Plus Services Ltd as a single service.

Pricing such an operation in the present environment is challenging, so please read more and contact us to get your quote ready.

Hospital Grade Cleaning

Known as a first step, Hospital Grade Cleaning is necessary to prepare surfaces and make sure the most exposed places are deeply sanitised. By using a wide range of chemicals, tested specially for SARS-CoV-19 we know that all of those places where we can reach manually – are going to be sanitized and clean deeply.

Preparation & PPE

Preparation for cleaning is only one of many steps which we have to complete before we can start. Supplying high-grade PPE for our employees is now the most important and challenging task. Everything to save our and other people lives, we do not take any shortcuts. Prevention, in this case, is as important as healing if not even grater.


To kill 99.9999% of all bacteria, germs & viruses we have to follow all necessary steps. The antimicrobial we use in the process is NHS approved antimicrobial. It is the recent winner of NHS infection control trials through Smart Solutions for Healthcare Acquired Infection Control. With Patty Plus Service Ltd there is no space for shortcuts!

Extraction Cleaning by Steam

At Patty Plus Services Ltd we are using top equipment to achieve the highest possible standard. We can reach everywhere. Out Equipment is using over 100° hot solution which immediately creates a steam – best way to kill everything in short contact.

Our equipment is incomparable with DIY or available to ren carpet washers and also with many of our competitors. By using so top range equipment we can offer the shortest drying time – as quick as 1 hour!

How can you benefit from this service?

Hair, skin, pets danger, soil or even invisible microbial are fling into the air each time, you are passing by your carpet. Your carpet is your room air filter and you are standing as healthy as the environment around you.

By keeping your soft furniture and carpets cleaned you are helping your selves and people visiting your property. Patty Plus Service Ltd can disinfect, clean and protect your carpet and upholstery for many years ahead.

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